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There are many misconceptions out there about what a vehicle service contract is, what it isn’t and why you should buy one. Here are the facts to help you decide:

myths answered
FALSE. First and foremost, the manufacturer warranty you have may or may not provide complete repair coverage for your vehicle. Even so called "bumper-to-bumper warranties" can have limitations regarding deductibles, labor charges and "wear and tear" items. Second, your manufacturer warranty will expire and it cannot be renewed. A vehicle service contract fills the gaps in your current warranty coverage and picks up where your manufacturer warranty leaves off after it expires.
FALSE. It may seem convenient to purchase an extended warranty at the same time you purchase a vehicle while you're already filling out all that paperwork. The fact is that you can end up paying more than twice the amount for the same protection available from Vehicle Assurance.
FALSE. Vehicle Assurance offers vehicle service contracts to owners of vehicles that are in good running condition at any point in the lifetime of the vehicle and at any mileage. You do not have to purchase an extended warranty from your dealer to gain the added assurance and peace of mind of a vehicle service contract.
FALSE. This is one of the favorite things dealers like to tell their customers, and it ranks high in most "top ten lists" regarding dealer scams and hard-sell tactics. Financial institutions are interested in your credit score, your current debt-to-income ratio and payment history, not the warranty on your vehicle.
FALSE. It is true that a vehicle service contract will provide double coverage on certain repairs while your vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty. But depending on the warranty you have, a vehicle service contract can fill in the gaps in your warranty coverage with benefits such as "wear and tear" coverage, car rental services and 24-hour roadside assistance. When your manufacturer or dealer warranty expires, your vehicle service contract keeps your coverage in place, protecting you for repairs down the road.
FALSE. Once your vehicle is running poorly or is in need of repairs it is too late to purchase a vehicle service contract. As your vehicle ages, the cost of protecting your vehicle will increase. Bottom line, the longer you wait to purchase your vehicle service contract, the more you will pay and the greater the chance your vehicle will need repairs when you do not have coverage.
FALSE. Regardless of which type of protection you have, a manufacturer or dealer warranty or a vehicle service contract, you still have to assume responsibility for the regular maintenance of your vehicle. Regular maintenance, oil changes, tire rotation and pressure checks, just to name a few, are required to keep your vehicle running smoothly AND to keep your vehicle service contract from being invalidated.
FALSE. This is simply not true. Your vehicle service contract is another revenue source for your dealer, but not a requirement. As long as your vehicle service contract administrator is a reliable, well funded and easy to work with company, your vehicle repair process should be painless at any ASE Certified repair facility, including your dealership.
FALSE. Long powertrain warranties are outstanding, but they protect just what they say they protect: your vehicle's powertrain. If you do not have a vehicle service contract you will be responsible for 100% of the cost of repairs for items not related to your vehicle's drivetrain.
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frequently asked questions answered
Most new and used vehicles come with a manufacturer or dealer warranty that expires within a certain time period or at a certain mileage, whichever comes first. The length and amount of protection afforded by these warranties varies greatly and depends on several purchase factors. Very few warranties offer true "bumper to bumper" coverage, and all warranties have one thing in common: they eventually expire. Vehicle service contracts provide the additional coverage your existing warranty doesn't cover, and protects your vehicle after the warranties expire for as long as you maintain the service contract. Vehicle service contracts provide coverage for repairs of covered components for the entire contract period or for a specific number of miles, at which time the service contract can be renewed for continued protection.
The "Original Manufacturer's Warranty" is the standard warranty provided by the company that built your vehicle. Although the dealer that sold you your vehicle typically honors the manufacturer's warranty, the warranty itself is provided by the manufacturer, not the dealer.
Not to challenge your vehicle service skills, all vehicle service repairs are not "created equal." Vehicles and technology have merged consistently over the last decade, making vehicles more challenging, and difficult, to maintain, diagnose, and repair. While you may enjoy changing your vehicle's fluids and performing basic maintenance, most repairs on modern vehicles require a professionally trained vehicle technician with modern diagnostic equipment to find and solve problems. In case your vehicle experiences problems you are unable to solve, a vehicle service contract will let you choose a qualified professional to do the job for you.
No, a vehicle service contract has absolutely nothing to do with automobile insurance or any other insurance policy you may have. A vehicle service contract is designed to make keeping your vehicle on the road easier and more affordable, but does not provide any insurance benefit of any kind.
Automobile insurance is designed to protect you in the event of collision or other vehicular accident. Automobile insurance does not cover vehicle service or repairs unrelated to a collision or accident. A vehicle service contract provides coverage for repairs and breakdowns due to normal day to day use of your vehicle, and does not provide any coverage or insurance for collision or accidents.
Most dealers offer an extended warranty, with a fixed expiration, at the time they sell a vehicle. Sometimes this extended warranty is renewable, sometimes it is not. Some dealers will offer additional protection after the original warranty expires, some will not. To be sure, check with your dealer. Fact is, an extended warranty or other protection package from your dealer will typically cost anywhere from 20% to 70% more than a vehicle service contract from Vehicle Assurance.
All vehicle warranties have one thing in common: an expiration. Whether you reach a certain number of miles on your vehicle or simply keep it for a certain amount of time, your original manufacturer's warranty AND any extended warranty you purchased at the time of sale WILL expire eventually. A vehicle service contract is designed to pick up where your warranty leaves off, filling in the gaps in coverage and protecting you and your vehicle after your warranty expires. Our vehicle service contracts are renewable, which means you can, theoretically, keep your vehicle protected indefinitely.
Eventually your vehicle will show symptoms of age and use and will eventually require repairs. If you treat your vehicle really well you may not experience problems for some time, but when you do you will almost certainly be out-of-warranty and without coverage for those repairs unless you have a vehicle service contract. There is no predicting when your vehicle will begin to have problems...that would be like predicting when you might get sick or how much snowfall your neighborhood will receive 2 winters from now.
Manufacturer warranties, and extended warranties sold by dealers at the time of sale, vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and dealer to dealer. Warranty advertising and details can be a bit tricky to understand as well. Some manufacturer's offer a limited-time "bumper to bumper" warranty with a drivetrain warranty that protects the vehicle's engine after the "bumper to bumper" warranty expires. A vehicle service contract is designed to fill in the gaps in your vehicle protection where your manufacturer's warranty does not provide coverage, and to continue your protection after the manufacturer's warranty expires.
Vehicle service contracts are available for any vehicle currently in good working condition, regardless of warranty. If your vehicle is out of warranty now is a great time to invest in a vehicle service contract: before your vehicle begins to experience problems from normal use, wear and tear and is no longer eligible for a service contract.
Unfortunately, vehicle service contracts are not available for vehicles with pre-existing issues that require service or repair. Our vehicle service contracts require the vehicle to be in good repair and good working condition when coverage begins, and in some cases (usually with older vehicles) we may request verification, including inspection, of your vehicle's condition before we can issue a vehicle service contract to you.
No. Each vehicle service contract is associated directly with the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the protected vehicle. Each vehicle requires its own vehicle service contract.
Yes! Not only does Vehicle Assurance offer no fee payment plans to make it easy to protect your vehicle with a vehicle service contract, we have a wide range of options and protection levels available to fit any vehicle and any budget. Call us today for more details!
Have the facility call the claims phone number on your contract or ID card and initiate the claim process with our representative.
The "deductible" represents your cost for vehicle repairs. For example, if you have a $100.00 deductible and your vehicle requires $1,500.00 in repairs, you will have to pay the first $100.00 and the provider of your vehicle service contract will pay the remaining $1,400.00. If you have a $50.00 deductible and your vehicle requires $1,500.00 in repairs, you will have to pay the first $50.00 and the provider of your vehicle service contract will pay the remaining $1,450.00.
With a Vehicle Assurance vehicle service contract you can take your vehicle to any ASE Certified repair facility in the United States or Canada.
Parts and labor are covered to the extent provided by your specific vehicle service contract. Our representatives are trained to help you build the perfect vehicle service contract: one that provides the level of protection you require, has a deductible you find acceptable and fits within your budget. Be sure to discuss parts and labor coverage with your Vehicle Assurance representative.
Absolutely not! You can take your vehicle to any ASE Certified repair facility in the United States or Canada.
It is highly unlikely that your dealer will not accept your Vehicle Assurance vehicle service contract. Your vehicle service contract is simply an alternative form of payment, no different than cash or a credit card and more reliable than a check. To be sure, contact Vehicle Assurance today and a qualified professional will help you address your needs and concerns regarding your vehicle service contract.
Your vehicle service contract is transferrable and may be considered a benefit to a potential buyer of your vehicle. Although your vehicle service contract technically does not increase the resale value of your vehicle in any way, it may give a potential buyer additional peace of mind about buying your used vehicle.
One of the best things about a vehicle service contract is that it can be renewed to provide almost perpetual protection for your vehicle. Today, more and more owners are keeping their favorite vehicles longer rather than trading them in for newer models. Vehicle service contracts give these owners the assurance of protection and reliability down the road. Once you have your vehicle service contract, be sure to call and renew before your coverage expires!
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